Recruit highly-targeted brand ambassadors on autopilot

Waves helps brands and startups crack word-of-mouth marketing by launching scalable, performance-based ambassador programs that can operate with no human input required. Available by invite only.


Buy word-of-mouth as an ad unit, at scale

We streamline a complex, multi-year marketing initiative into a turnkey process, making it possible to unlock sustainable growth, achieve critical mass, and take over markets in record time.

Our Patent-Pending Process

Why brands love Waves

Uprecedented Speed
End-to-end automation unlocks a new level of performance and scale for your brand
Unlimited Ad Creatives
Access a constant stream of pre-validated UGC creatives to fuel your media buying efforts
Next-Gen Analytics
Understand your campaign's performance across all creators in real-time to drive outsized results

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Trusted by 10,000+ creators

"Before Waves, standing out was tough. Their approach brought authentic ambassadors, simplifying our growth and boosting sales."
CEO of Homely Kitchens
"For our lean team, Waves was a game-changer: easy Shopify integration, hassle-free creator management, and impactful content."
Brand Manager at FitFuel
"Skeptical of influencer marketing, we found success with Waves' data-driven creator matches and insightful analytics."
Marketing Director at PureBlendz
"Waves transformed Ecowear with a risk-free, performance-based approach, boosting sales through authentic creator connections."
Co-founder of Ecowear

The Waves Timeline



Ramp Up (day 0-30)
Ramp Up (day 0-30)
Step into the Waves ecosystem as we lay the foundation for your ambassador program, securing 100-200 highly-targeted creators in the process.



Scale Up (day 30-90)
Scale Up (day 30-90)
Leverage the data from your first wave of creators to amplify outreach and onboard 300+ perfect-fit creators each month to champion your brand.



Omnipresence (day 90+)
Omnipresence (day 90+)
Convert organic engagement from successful ambassador content into precise, cross-platform retargeting campaigns to capture maximum conversions.

The Waves effect

Category-leading companies trust Waves to launch and scale their ambassador programs at previously-impossible costs.

Case Study
A DTC beauty company, starting at $1.5M+ a month in revenue, uses Waves to create a moat around their brand in a crowded market.
Ambassadors Sourced First Month
Ambassador Attributed Revenue
New Team Members Required
"Our entire ambassador program runs on Waves now. The results are great, and its a breath of fresh air that we don't have to constantly worry about how to stand out in such a competitive market."
Pooja, CEO

Work with us

Category-leading companies trust Waves to launch and scale their ambassador programs at previously-impossible costs.

You ask - we answer

How does Waves pay out creators, and can I budget how much I pay out?
Waves streamlines payouts by handling compensation directly through the platform, where creators are rewarded on a performance basis — typically through commissions on the sales they influence. You maintain full control over your budget by setting the commission rates and can adjust these rates as needed to optimize marketing spend and maintain profitability. This structure ensures that creator compensation is not only fair and transparent but also directly tied to the tangible value they bring to your brand.
How does Waves source creators/ambassadors for my brand?
Waves identifies potential ambassadors by pinpointing creators who have already achieved viral status within your niche, using hashtags or content relevant to your competitors. Our infrastructure subsequently reaches out and seamlessly onboards these creators through our automated systems, streamlining the entire process to quickly and efficiently align your brand with influential content creators.
How does Waves vet creators / ensure brand-image alignment?
Waves employs a combination of proprietary AI technology and manual oversight to vet creators, ensuring they align seamlessly with your brand image. Our AI performs an initial assessment based on the creator's past content and audience engagement, while any uncertain or borderline cases are meticulously reviewed by our team. This ensures only creators who match your brand's ethos and aesthetic are approved to be part of your ambassador program.
How does Waves track a campaign’s success (sales, impressions, etc)?
Waves tracks campaign success by integrating directly with your e-commerce platform and TikTok Shop, allowing for real-time monitoring of critical metrics such as sales conversions, impressions, and engagement. Our platform evaluates each piece of ambassador-created content, measuring its impact on brand awareness and sales, which enables ongoing optimization and precise determination of your campaign’s return on investment (ROI).
Can we use the content/UGC created by our ambassadors for paid ads?
Absolutely! When ambassadors create content via the Waves platform, they agree upfront to terms that allow your brand to use their user-generated content (UGC) for paid ads. You can effortlessly source this content for your advertising campaigns, leveraging top-performing posts as ad creatives without the need for additional permissions or extended negotiations, streamlining your marketing efforts and enhancing ad performance with authentic, validated content.